Just an old Buzzard

Yep, a Gammon, an old geezer with no technical skill but interested in making the world a slightly better place. And when I say no technical skill, I mean coding etc. I have plenty of technical skill, just not in computing.

Velocette Single, Amal carb.
Old Buzzard Art.

I could be a politician or an entertainer; these days there’s not much difference between them, but I’ll stick with something a little less ambitious. No less important in my opinion though. Besides, I spent many years serving my community, I think I have earned the right to choose what I do now.

The time has come to reimagine the internet. It was supposed to be the ultimate in anonymous, freely available communications. No interference from ‘the man’. Instead, it became ‘the mans’ domain and we are merely the target of their ambitions to get rich.

Not that I object to wealth, it’s the means by which it’s achieved that bothers me. Whatever political persuasion one adopts, Twitter and Facebook etc. are now toxic environments to be manipulated by their dictatorial owners to influence everything from politics to race, religion, and opinion.

This isn’t the free, anonymous internet I signed up for.

Blockchain seems an opportunity to retrieve much of that ground we surrendered to the corporations. It is, however, only another step forward in the never-ending quest to maintain our privacy and ability to speak freely. Blockchain will somehow go the way of the internet as governments legislate and con men (again, not much difference) work to undermine our fundamental rights.

But that’s OK. Change is the breeding ground of opportunity. Without it, the world stagnates and becomes a thoroughly uninteresting place. Ideally, with collaborative and Democratic decision making we can reduce the number of parasitic politicians they believe we require. That’s not to say all politicians are parasitic, they just have more than their fair share.

What can I offer? Not much really, other than a little enthusiasm, a couple of superseded Windows PC’s and an internet connection to be a Holo Host. Oh! and a desire to learn a little more than I knew yesterday. For example, I didn’t know what Holo was yesterday.

You see, despite what today's youth believes, we old geezers still have the capacity and desire to learn. And, frankly, we were where you are now many years ago, so we get it, despite what you may believe.

All I need now is the software to run on one of the PC’s I can dedicate and I’m contributing to a slightly better world, and I’ll know a little more tomorrow than I do today.


Too old and too much life for 160 words.